Product Range extended with Wireless Gas Detector for Toxic Gases and Oxygen   02 Dec 2019

The recently introduced Dräger Polytron 6100 EC WL for toxic gases and O2 is a great extension of the wireless product range offered by Dräger and GasSecure. The Polytron 6100 EC WL uses the field-proven DrägerSensors optimized for industrial applications. They cover a spectrum of 140 different hazardous gases (including H2S and CO) in a temperature range of -40 °C to +65 °C. The GS01 for detection of flammable gases and the Polytron 6100 EC WL are both SIL2-capable and instrinsically safe and will operate continuously on the same ISA100 Wireless network. Please download the Dräger press release here.


Successful Re-assessment of the GS01 SIL2 Certificate with Excellent Field History Data   27 Feb 2019

GasSecure is pleased to announce the recent successful re-assessment of the SIL2 (safety integrity level 2) certificate for the GS01 – the world’s first wireless infrared gas detector for flammable gases – by 3rd party assessor Exida. On re-assessment of the GS01 gas detector according to the IEC 61508:2010 standard, the products’ field history was analysed. This history is used to verify the failure rates as predicted by the initial FMEDA (failure mode effect and diagnostic analysis).

Launched in 2012 and SIL2 certified since 2015, the GS01 has now gained an excellent track record from thousands of devices installed. An estimate of the MTBF (mean time between failure) calculated from the service record of the installed base resulted in an MTBF of 192 years. This more than confirms the FMEDA estimate of 55 years and our promise: Wireless in design, safe in use. The GS01 remains the only wireless gas detector for flammable gases that is both SIL2 capable and carries the gas performance approval (per EN 60079-29-1) for Methane and Propane.

You will find our SIL2 certificate with corresponding documentation on Exida’s website (search for GasSecure).