The GS01 gas detector is intended for safety applications and for monitoring applications.

The detector is battery powered and therefore its energy consumption is constrained. Even though the GS01 represents a totally new low power concept in hydrocarbon gas detection, this limits the rate at which the instrument can report process values. For most process monitoring applications, this is not a major obstacle as the process values in question tend to change relatively slowly.

However, for typical safety applications continuous monitoring is necessary and a short latency (response time) needs to be guaranteed if a safety critical situation arises. Fortunately, the average bandwidth requirement for safe wireless communication is modest. The primary difficulty in designing a wireless safety system is having a guaranteed short latency while not depleting the batteries. In addition, full control of all network message traffic is required and communication with the controller needs to meet reliability requirements according to SIL2 (Safety Integrity Level) guidelines as described in the IEC 61508 Ed2.0 standard. Loss of contact with a device must be identified immediately.

GasSecure’s patented wireless communication system SafeWireless™ meets the above requirements of fast response time, power efficiency and full control of network traffic. The GS01 detector is therefore perfectly fit for use in safety critical applications.

The most important wireless communication protocols in the process industry are ISA100 Wireless™ and WirelessHART. The GS01 gas detector from GasSecure has therefore been designed to comply with both these standards.

SafeWireless™ white paper