Founded in 2008 GasSecure was set up to develop the world’s first wireless infrared hydrocarbon gas detector. The company was acquired by Dräger in 2015 and is now managed as an R&D centre for both wireless and innovative gas detection technologies.

Since we launched the GS01 in 2012, the world's first truly wireless optical gas detector for demanding industrial applications, we continue to provide future-oriented technology for wireless explosion protection in the oil & gas industry and in other industries. We are experts in MEMS-based low-power gas detection and safe wireless communication. GasSecure innovates and is always open to new ideas and ingenious approaches.

We focus on our customers by listening to their ideas for improvements, by understanding their needs and objectives, by striving to meet their expectations and keeping what we promise. We create value for our customers with detection solutions that increase safety and reduce overall project cost.

All our applications are about protecting life. Therefore, our customers must be able to depend on the quality and reliability of our equipment at all times. High quality in design and performance is at the core of our business. Our products are built to live up to the most rigorous standards in the industry.

Find out today how GasSecure and Dräger protect both people and plants. Please also visit the Dräger website for the GS01 wireless gas detector here.

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