We are happy to post some of our partner testimonials:

”After 25 years of working with F&G and SIS, I have seen many gas detection devices, but very few prove usable in the harsh North Sea offshore environment. GasSecure has designed their new product based on what we have learnt from 30 years of IR detection, and they have completely redesigned the optical system to achieve the required low power consumption necessary for battery operation. I have closely followed an installation of 20 GS01 detectors on the North Sea oil & gas platform Gullfaks C. I am very happy with the results so far. We see opportunities for large savings of time and cost combined with better flexibility during installation and operation. We achieve all this without compromising safety”

Jens-Erik Tømte (Senior Engineer Operation and Maintenance Automation - Safety Instrumented Systems, Statoil)

”Statoil was tightly involved in the development of GasSecure’s wireless gas detector. We believe wireless instrumentation has a big potential for the future, also in critical applications, and see numerous advantages and benefits from wireless technology. GasSecure's detector has the potential to reduce system costs and increase installation flexibility. Since we never compromise on the strict reliability requirements for safety related systems, we closely follow the development of state-of-the-art wireless communication technology. Statoil has positive experience with the reliability and performance of wireless instrumentation for monitoring purposes. Statoil's R&D are involved in the development of the wireless technology for GasSecure's detector, and we are excited to perform joint tests with GasSecure on their Safe Wireless concept.”

Simon Carlsen (R&D Wireless Technology, Statoil)

"ABB is determined to offer state of the art safety solutions to our customers. Being able to interface and deliver safety instrumented systems with wireless sensor technology is an exciting new development. We are pleased to have assisted GasSecure on safe integration of their wireless gas detection devices to the 800xA system. This solution was deployed on the Statoil Gullfaks C oil & gas platform."

Trygve Harvei (Team Lead Communication, ABB)

”I have 20 years of experience from working with gas detectors at Autronica, Bjørge, Draeger and Aibel. Wireless installation has always been a dream, but no vendor has managed to come up with reliable solutions running on batteries. I have detailed knowledge of GasSecure’s new detector, and I believe this detector will revolutionize the market with its simplicity and ultra low energy consumption”