Launched in 2016 the GS01 with extended antenna, named GS01-EA, comes with the same principal features as the standard GS01.

Instead of the fixed yellow antenna the GS01-EA features an n-type connector where an antenna cable of up to 30 m length is fitted so that the antenna can be placed in a different location remote from the detector. This design is an attractive solution for the following main use cases:

- Radio communication from an enclosed structure to the outside
With the GS01-EA flammable gas can be measured inside a structure even when the wireless infrastructure (access point and gateway) is located outside this structure.

- Gas detection close to the ground
Heavy gases are normally detected close to the ground. Unfortunately, radio signals are absorbed by the ground so that radio communication is often challenging at these locations. The GS01-EA detector can be mounted close to the ground for gas detection, whereas the extended antenna is fixed some meters above ground level for the optimum wireless signal.

Full data sheet available in Downloads.

GS01-EA Gas Detector