Successful test of the GS01 by Evaluation International

GasSecure is pleased to announce that a GS01 test campaign conducted by Evaluation International (EI) was succesfully completed at the end of 2015 and a report is now available from this organisation.
The evaluation programme was devised by the National Physical Laboratory (NPL) UK, in response to a test requirement list supplied by the EI member BP and had two focus areas:

  • Assess the wireless functionality of the GS01 detector in the presence of deliberate radio (WiFi) interference.
  • Test the sensitivity of the GS01 detector to low concentrations of hydrocarbon gases in air for different environmental conditions.

A summary of the full report is available in our technology section.

About Evaluation International: Almost 100 instrument user companies across Europe including several oil & gas majors are members of EI. The organisation operates an annual Instrument Evaluation Programme on behalf of its members.